Posted on Mar 18, 09 09:23 AM PDT

Everyone living in a big city knows that car owners are not so different from milking cows, but there's one more thing that might add onto the existing ticket traps: cameras could soon detect the uninsured. InsureNet, a camera provider, claims to have a solution to the City's budget:
"a simple yet complete answer that delivers totally accurate, instant insurance status verification. An additional unique advantage is that this system is also non-invasive, ensuring protection for every insurer and policyholder."
InsureNet Chicago Traffic Camera Might Track (And Send Citations To) Uninsured Drivers that the system could generate about $200M, of which, the company would take a 30% share... juicy! Times are tough, but is this the right time to squeeze this lemon? Surely, there's something more productive to do, right? Next, San Francisco might clean the streets twice a week to issue more tickets… wait, they are already doing it… [via pitches]
(Chicago Sun-Times)