Police cracking down on toll plaza speeders

BEDFORD – State police have confirmed what most law enforcement officers already know: Way too many drivers are going way too fast through the state’s toll plazas.

For instance, troopers had no trouble finding speeders while monitoring the Bedford plaza on Friday, summonsing 17 offenders in a 20-minute period, according to a written statement by Capt. John G. LeLacheur.

Most, LeLacheur write, were going “well in excess” of 35 miles per hour.

The detail was part of a new state police campaign to improve safety at the state’s toll plazas, LeLacheur wrote. Similar details will take place at all state toll plazas on a rotating basis.

“Within the last several months,” LeLacheur wrote, “speeds within the plazas have become unreasonable and unsafe to members of the motoring public and toll employees. We have also begun to see an increase in accidents and road rage type incidents,” he added.

LeLacheur also said toll-evasion details will continue as part of the program.