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    Default Georgia: Proposal Would Investigate Cities Ignoring Yellow Time Law

    Georgia: Proposal Would Investigate Cities Ignoring Yellow Time Law
    Georgia House of Representatives may investigate cities that disobey red light camera law.

    A Georgia state lawmaker wants to know the best way to force local jurisdictions to obey a new law governing photo enforcement systems. House Resolution 774, sponsored by state Representative Barry Loudermilk (R-Cassville), would create the "House Study Committee on Compliance by Local Governments with the Red Light Camera Law" in response to evidence that cities are operating automated ticketing programs without complying with Georgia Code 40-14-22. This legal provision, which took effect January 1, mandates a one-second extension of the duration of the yellow warning phase at red light camera intersections. As TheNewspaper first reported earlier this month, several jurisdictions are openly flouting the law.

    "Federal guidelines are that minimum yellow light times are three to six seconds," Loudermilk explained in his weekly column. "The intention of the law is that the minimum time of the yellow light in any intersection with a red light camera should not be less than four seconds... Unfortunately, some cities have refused to comply with state law and have not increased their yellow light times."

    Atlanta, for example, has flat-out refused to alter its yellow times with the majority of monitored intersections having yellow times that last less than 4.0 seconds. Roswell has intersection approaches set at 3.5 seconds, also in defiance of state law. Of the cities that are known to have complied, Duluth, Lilburn, Norcross, Rome, Snellville and Suwanee have dropped or are considering dropping photo enforcement because the yellow time extension immediately cut violations -- and revenue -- by eighty percent.

    Loudermilk's resolution is intended to create a "careful and thorough study of this issue" for consideration when the General Assembly meets again in 2010. In an interview, Loudermilk said that at this late point in the current legislative session the most sensible response was to form an investigative panel. This five-member committee would have full authority to call witnesses and gather the evidence needed to produce a legislative recommendation while putting local officials on the hot seat.

    Loudermilk expects consideration of the resolution as early as this week. If passed by the state House, the measure would take effect immediately without the need for state Senate passage or the signature of Governor Sonny Perdue (R).

    The text of the resolution is available in a 25k PDF file at the source link below.

    Source: House Resolution 774 (Georgia House of Representatives, 3/24/2009)
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    Default Re: Georgia: Proposal Would Investigate Cities Ignoring Yellow Time Law

    Interesting that when the yellow light requirement came about, some cities stopped using photo enforcement.

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    Default Re: Georgia: Proposal Would Investigate Cities Ignoring Yellow Time Law

    Yep. The revenue from the cameras versus what they have to pay on a monthly basis to the RLC manufacturer instantly became a money losing proposition. Hopefully the RLC manufacturers will go the way of the dinosaur.

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    Default Re: Georgia: Proposal Would Investigate Cities Ignoring Yellow Time Law

    If it was truly about safety seems they would just extend the yellow lights at all traffic lights for 1 second since this resulted in an 80% decrease it red light violations.
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    Default Re: Georgia: Proposal Would Investigate Cities Ignoring Yellow Time Law

    Yeah here in the local paper they complained how revenue went down but since it was still profitable they would keep it. Not about safety, it is about the money.



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