Tacoma Police Crack Down On Speeders

Posted: 9:23 am PDT March 30, 2009
TACOMA, Wash. -- Tacoma police officers will be targeting corridors coming from Interstate 5 where people are prone to speeding.Police told KIRO 7's partner, the Tacoma News Tribune, that over the last two years the areas they'll be watching have been prone to crashes caused by speeding, inattentive driving or impatient drivers.Starting as soon as next week, increased patrols will take place on South 38th, South 56th, South 84th and South 72nd through South 74th streets for the next six months.The locations are all corridors for commuters coming from I-5, and police said drivers treat the areas as if they are part of the freeway.The emphasis patrols will run during the morning and evening commutes in Tacoma.