Lawmakers kill bill expanding Fort Collins' use of photo radar By Trevor Hughes • • April 3, 2009 * * * Print this page * E-mail this article * Share o o Facebook o Digg o Reddit o Newsvine o o Twitter * What’s this? Lawmakers yesterday killed a bill that would have given Fort Collins and other cities significantly expanded powers to deploy photo radar. Advertisement Fort Collins police asked Sen. Bob Bacon to carry the bill, SB 143, giving them the legal right to deploy photo radar on almost every street in the city. House members killed the proposal on a voice vote yesterday. The bill had won approval in the Senate. The House vote means the proposal is likely dead for the session. The bill would have permitted police to deploy photo radar on roads with speeds up to 50 mph, instead of being restricted to 35 mph or near schools or parks. The change would mean police could use it on almost every road in Fort Collins. The technology is widely used in other countries, and Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver are three of the main users of photo radar in Colorado. Fort Collins police say they consider the photo radar, operated by contractor Redflex, another tool to help ensure drivers are obeying speed limits. Under the proposal, unmarked vans and SUVs carrying photo radar could have been deployed on any city street with a speed limit of 50 mph or less if police or the public thought there was a speeding problem in the area. City police said one place they would have deployed photo radar under the new law is Kechter Road near Fossil Ridge High School. Today, the photo-radar tickets come with only a $40 fine, rather than the points that accompany a speeding ticket issued by a police officer. The maximum fine would have risen to $75 under the proposed law. City police say they have seen compliance with 30-mph zones rise from 28 percent in 2002, to about 52 percent over the past several months. Police say the photo radar is partly responsible because its presence helps remind drivers to obey the law. Under the current law, tickets are mailed to the vehicle's registered owner and don't count for points on a driver's record unless the vehicle was traveling 25 mph or more than the posted limit. See | The Coloradoan, | Fort Collins news, community, entertainment, yellow pages and classifieds. Serving Fort Collins, CO for updates.