Lollipop cameras to trap speeders Lollipop sign The cameras will be activated when the sign is placed on the road Lollipop men and women in Glasgow are to get cameras fitted on their signs in a bid to catch motorists who fail to stop at school crossings. The company which runs crossing patrols in the city, Cordia, plans to test the mounted devices in the coming months. Similar systems have already been trialled in London and Yorkshire but it is believed this is the first time the technology would be used in Scotland. Cordia said the move would help protect their staff and school children. The cameras will be attached to the signs used by lollipop men and women to stop traffic. They will be activated when the pole is placed on the road and will be able to record up to 20 hours of sound and vision onto the equivalent of a USB stick. Fergus Chambers, managing director of Cordia, said: "We are not just talking about people who fail to stop when they see the lollipop sign. This technology will also help the police secure convictions against irresponsible drivers Fergus Chambers Cordia "We have 390 crossing patrol across Glasgow and every week our lollipop men and women report at least one or two incidents where drivers have been speeding or driving dangerously." He added: "Our patrols don't just help school children cross the road. Mothers with prams and elderly people use our crossing so this is about improving road safety and protecting the public. "This technology will also help the police secure convictions against irresponsible drivers." Cordia is a new arms-length company created by Glasgow City Council. It took over the running of crossing patrols, along with other services previously operated by the council's Direct and Care Services department, earlier this week.