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    Exclamation DE - New campaign to stop speeders

    New campaign to stop speeders
    By Frank Gerace

    State Police are teaming up with the Office of Highway Safety to slow down those of us who drive with "lead feet".

    WDEL's Frank Gerace reports.Audio Here

    Andrea Summers with OHS says during this month's "Stop Speeding Before It Stops You" campaign, you'll see more squad cars on back roads, where drivers are more apt to speed, making serious accidents more likely.

    Summers says speeding is the number one contributing factor in traffic deaths in Delaware, surpassing even drunk driving.

    "Stop Speeding Before It Stops You" is part of the 2009 edition of OHS' "Stop Aggressive Driving" enforcement effort.
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    Default Re: DE - New campaign to stop speeders

    a little more on this... I don't drive very much anymore, being laid off. Just a half-mile to the firehouse or supermarket. Today, though I drove to Dover (40miles) then to Washington DC (around 90 miles) and back. I drove to Dover just after (and against) rush hour traffic, and didn't see anybody running radar or laser on DE Rt 1. Normally, I expect to see 3-4 on the stretch I drove. Likewise going to DC, normally I'll run into several Maryland troopers on Rt 301/50 but didn't see anybody. Same deal for the return trip, although it was around 5:30pm after I got clear of the DC traffic into Annapolis. And it was around 8pm on my return trip to Wilmington. I guess I should be lucky though, given what the article claims.

    couldn't post the url, but it's on delaware online dot com, the largest newspaper in the state.

    Hundreds get speeding tickets in enforcement campaign

    By TERRI SANGINITI • The News Journal • April 7, 2009

    In the first five days of the state’s speed enforcement blitz, police have arrested 205 drivers for speeding in Delaware.

    And there will more to come, said Andrea Summers, spokeswoman for the state Office of Highway Safety.

    The annual Stop Aggressive Driving campaign began last Wednesday and continues through the month of April.

    State troopers also cited 13 drivers for seat belt violations and one driver for a child restraint violation, and issued 46 tickets for other traffic offenses.

    Summers said throughout the month state troopers will be conducting speed enforcement patrols all over the state and four team enforcement operations with five troopers per team.

    The first effort will be Friday, when there will be a lot of Easter travelers on the road, she said.

    Motorists in the state should slow down or risk getting ticketed if they go over the posted speed limit.

    Drivers who are ticketed for going 10 mph over the speed limit will receive 4 points on their license and be fined $77.40 after court costs are assessed.

    “Fines and points increase from there, putting your driving privileges at risk,” Summers said.

    The No. 1 contributing factor in highway fatalities in Delaware is speed, which was a factor in 32 percent of the state’s 19 fatal crashes and more than a quarter of the fatalities this year.



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