Bellevue to try out red-light cameras[replacer_img]

05:37 PM PDT on Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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Video: Bellevue to try out red-light cameras Larger screen

BELLEVUE, Wash. - The Bellevue City Council has given the go-ahead to police to install cameras near busy intersections and schools.
"Red light" cameras will be installed at still-to-be-determined locations on Northeast 8th St., Bel-Red Road and 148th Ave. NE. Speed cameras will be installed near Stevenson, Lake Hills and Sunset elementary schools.
More cameras may be installed later at other locations, depending on whether the program improves public safety. The Northeast 8th shopping junction is a possibility.
"We're looking for heavy traffic intersections like this, where to put an officer here is not necessarily very effective, may disrupt than it helps it, and is more risky for the officer," said Bellevue police spokesman Greg Grannis.
Grannis says ticket revenue will go the city's general fund after operating costs are taken care of. He stresses that the city can pull the plug if the program isn't worth it.
"This is a test program we have one year and we can opt out after that, if we're not seeing the safety impact we want we can walk away," he said.
The cameras won't be installed for another four to six months.