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    Default FL FHP Operation Hard Hat

    Operation Hard Hat has been used with great success by FHP for the past couple of years, and continues to yield excellent results. Recently, in West Palm Beach, Sgt. Tom Kelley put on a hard hat, climbed onto a front end loader provided by Hubbert Construction Company, and clocked speeders with a laser unit.


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    This should be illegal for them to do. You know if it were you and me on the front loader and clocking LEO's and turning them in for their violations they would be out cuffing and stuffing us. What a load of ***beep***. They should be required to be clearly identified. We had an incident a few years ago where a lady thought she was being car jacked by a car that had no markings, but had flashing lights. She wouldn't pull over until a marked car showed up and then she knew it was legit. Pretty sad state of affairs. I frankly don't blame her... Just how was she suppose to know?

    Thank goodness it isn't illegal to use a jammer in FL yet.




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