Road Safety Commission calls for caution during the Easter Festivities By citifmonline General News | 2 days ago TEXT ONLY | PRINT | E-MAIL | PDF | NEWS ALERTS | * Read * More * Media Have Your Say (0) don't judge people by their past - By: sam More Quotes | Submit a Quote of Ghanaians will be commuting to holiday spots across the country to celebrate the Easter festivities. The destination will most likely be Kwahu, in the Eastern Region. But with recent rise in the spate of car crashes on the roads, stakeholders in the transport industry have started appealing to commuters to ensure safety on the roads to avert crashes. Mr. Rudolph Beckley is in charge of Research at the National Road Safety Commission. He has outlined preparations of the Commission in the Eastern Region towards averting crashes on the roads leading to Kwahu. “Our Regional representatives in the Eastern Region have mounted or intensified a lot of educational programmes in the Eastern Region especially in readiness for the Easter festivities especially in the Kwahu area,” he said. According to him, a lot of road user education and road safety education for drivers, passengers and pedestrians have been mounted and intensified by the regional representatives in the Eastern Region. The total number of persons killed in that region around this time last year was 72. He appealed to road users to observe the roads signs and regulations and conform to them since that is the only we can ensure safety on our roads. “We are not saying that we should not enjoy, we should enjoy the occasion but then our responsibility to the use of the road, be we pedestrians, drivers, passengers, we should always ensure that we become responsible,” he said. He urged drivers not to see driving as just for fun during these festivities but to treat it as a responsibility to ensure that they keep their passengers safe and comfortable from take-off to their destination. Mr. Rudolph Beckley said that crash prone areas on the road especially on the Suhum stretch through to the Nkawkaw stretch have been indicated with road signs to draw attention to drivers slow down when they get there. The General Secretary of the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council, Alando Siddick has also been advising drivers to be cautious on the roads during the festivities. “Our advice to drivers and passengers is that as we prepare for the resurrection of Christ, the resurrection is about life and that everybody should be made to witness the rising of Christ and that we expect both drivers and passengers to be cautious,” he said. He advised passengers not to put pressure on drivers to over-speed all in the name of getting to their destinations on schedule and also for the drivers not to over load the cars in an attempt to gain more since according to him, all these are factors that lead to accidents on our roads.