Route 94 speeders targeted State police say an increasing number of crashes is leading to stepped-up enforcement By MELODY ASPER For The Evening Sun Posted: 04/10/2009 01:00:00 AM EDT Commuters using Route 94 north of Cross Keys might want to slow down a bit, or they could quickly find themselves with a speeding ticket. Cpl. James Graham of the Pennsylvania State Police at Gettysburg told the Hamilton Township supervisors this week about plans to step up speed enforcement on the state route, which also is known as Carlisle Pike. Hamilton Township is policed exclusively by the state police. "We want to reassure the people that there is a state trooper in our township every single day," said board chairwoman Steph Egger. "They are not always at the same place and you may not see them, but they are here protecting us." Residents may begin to see the state troopers a little more, Graham said, in response to an increasing number of crashes on Route 94 in the past few months. Several of the nine crashes to which police responded on Route 94 in March were related to excessive speed and/or passing in a no-passing zone, Graham said. Supervisor Tim Beard questioned Graham on the possibility that blind spots at intersections, such as at the Route 94 and Pine Run Road, could be responsible for some of the accidents. Graham said he is familiar with the intersection and that it usually can be navigated fairly easily if the driver pulling out of the Pine Run Road is cautious and there are no vehicles speeding on Route 94. "There really shouldn't be a lot of crashes there if people are careful and are observing the speed limit," Advertisement said Graham. "But if somebody is driving at just a little bit increased speed (on Route 94) that changes the whole dynamics of the intersection." In the next few months, Graham said, troopers will be placed at many different areas along the road. Several residents attending the meeting quickly volunteered their private driveways as places for the state police to park while watching for speeders. Residents in other areas of the township who also have problems with vehicles speeding on their roads should also contact the State Police directly, said Graham. "Just call in and we will try to set something up there," said Graham. Any Hamilton Township residents wishing to contact the state police about speeders on their roads can call (717) 334-8111 or toll free at (866) 208-0364. For emergencies use 911.