Officials: Redflex erred in reporting numbers By Robert Moore, Tribune Staff Writer A reporting error by Redflex, the company that installed red-light cameras at five Morristown intersections, grossly exaggerated the number of citations issued, city officials say. Morristown Police Department Maj. Michelle Jones said Wednesday afternoon that she will be contacting Redflex as soon as possible to obtain credible statistics. Morristown City Administrator Jim Crumley says the problem was that Redflex reported the number of warning citations, which carried no fine, with the actual number of citations. During the first week the cameras at the entrances to Crockett Square on Highway 25E issued citations, 80 motorists were ticketed. City officials say this number is likely correct. Two weeks later, Redflex reported that the same cameras had identified 1,992 speeding motorists and 1,858 drivers who ran red lights over a three-week period. A total of 3,769 tickets being issued in two weeks following a week in which just 80 tickets were issued present what city officials say is a gross statistical improbability. One thing that is certain is that the red-light cameras appear to be changing motorists’ behavior, according to Jeff Branham, Morristown city engineer. Since the cameras went live, no crashes have been reported at any of the intersections at which cameras are installed, according to Branham. "It tells us, at least in the short term, we’re seeing some definite reductions in crashes due to people’s awareness of the system and obeying the rules," Branham said. Statistics from other cities indicate rear-end crashes — at least temporarily — increase at intersections where red-light cameras are installed because motorists slam on their brakes to avoid getting a citation. The intersection between Crockett Square and Walters State Community College was the site with the highest number of crashes during 2008, according to the Morristown Police Department. Fifty-six crashes were reported there. Thirty-six crashes were reported at the intersection of East Morris Boulevard and Haun Drive, and 12 fender-benders occurred at the intersection of Morris and Cumberland Street, according to the police department. Twenty crashes occurred at the intersection of Morris and West Andrew Johnson Highway. The cameras at the intersection of WAJ and Highway 160 began issuing warning citations on March 31. The cameras will begin issuing $50 citations on April 30.