Police in RI town have speeding ticket "target"

HOPKINTON, R.I. (AP) - A new policy at the Hopkinton police department requires officers to write about 20 tickets a month. But police deny it amounts to a ticket "quota," which motorists sometimes suspect when they think they've been unfairly cited.
Police are instead calling it a "target."
The Providence Journal reports that an internal e-mail from Lt. Daniel Baruti warns officers that excuses for not hitting the ticket target, such as being on vacation, "are not acceptable."
The March e-mail says, "Do not forward this e-mail," in bold type.
Baruti said the policy is meant to increase the department's ticket production, which has dropped, perhaps due to a lack of motivation.
He said the policy's practical effect is that some drivers who would have gotten off for an offense won't anymore.
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