Tiyan landowners frustrated with speeders

By Connor Murphy Pacific Daily News April 14, 2009

Amid frustration about a lack of information and speeding traffic, several Tiyan landowners recently put up signs declaring part of East Sunset Drive private property.

The street runs through a residential neighborhood and currently serves as a detour around A. B. Won Pat International Airport Authority Guam construction.
While the airport asserts the road remains public, several landowners yesterday said the road was included in deeds when the Guam government transferred the property to its original owners and their heirs in 2005.
"When they released the ownership over to us, it included that property," said landowner Anita Atalig. "We haven't discussed the possibility of giving up the easement."
Airport spokeswoman Rolenda Faasuamalie said records indicate the fence line as the end of airport property.
Landowner Rose Abuan said a land survey shows half of one portion of the road is hers. Other landowners own entire portions of the road, she said.
There are no plans to close the road, Atalig said, but frustration is growing about cars speeding through the neighborhood.
"People are using the street and are not caring about the people that are living here," Atalig said. "This is not just a shortcut to Barrigada. It is a residential neighborhood."
Additionally, landowners need more information about the Department of Public Works' plans to build a highway in the area, Atalig said.
She said plans are in the works with the Barrigada Mayors Office possibly to install speed bumps and crosswalks in the area.
The temporary road closure will last a couple more weeks, Faasuamalie said.