Edison Police still on the lookout for speeders
Drive 25 campaign in its third year
BY DAN NEWMAN Staff Writer

EDISON Last week the Edison Police Department announced its continued crackdown on speeding within the township through its implementation of the Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 campaign.
"Rushing motorists and cars barreling through our neighborhoods is a serious issue for our parents, children, seniors, and all of our residents," Mayor Jun Choi said. "This program will help maintain our quality of life by slowing motorists in our residential neighborhoods. We want our children and families to be able to enjoy the outdoors.
The police department has tailored the program by using what it calls a five-prong approach, which will include a pre-taped phone message to selected streets based on traffic studies and citizen complaints, door-to-door canvassing by community resource officers handing out literature to educate the public, placement of lawn signs at the homes of those interested in having them, placement of a speed trailer and message board, and increased radar enforcement.
"This initiative is targeted to protect our most important resource, and that's the children of Edison Township," Police Director Brian Collier said.

The township's communications director, Jerry Barca, said that Edison has been involved with the Drive 25 program since the spring of 2007.
"There is a definite visibility that goes along with this program, and it really has made a difference in the effort to slow down speeders," Barca said. "It really has created an awareness for everyone that drives our streets in Edison Township."
Those interested in having the program come to their neighborhood can call 732-348-7472 or email cru@edisonpd. org.