Police deny sneaky speed camera tactics

Photo appears to show person behind a tree holding radar gun, but Central Scotland Police say there is a simple explanation.

16 April 2009 19:05 PM


Central Scotland Police is being accused of using sneak tactics to catch speeding motorists.
Officers have been pictured in Clackmannanshire apparently using speed cameras while hiding in bushes.

Police guidelines say cameras should be used in the open.
However a picture taken recently - and featured here - appears to show a person standing behind a tree holding a radar gun.
Drivers in Dollar have complained that police are being sneaky about their actions.
Central Scotland Police, however, say it isn't what you think.
Inspector Graeme Allan, of the Central Scotland Police road policing unit, said: "While one of the photos show a hand-held radar, the officers are not carrying out speed detection at that moment. The pictures do not show officers enforcing hand-held radar detection."
Insp Allan added that he does not condone police officers hiding behind a tree to catch speeding drivers.
Police add, it's all about safety not money.

Last updated: 17 April 2009, 15:27