Motorists told to refuse traffic tickets issued by cops
Roy Mabasa

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Bayani Fernando has advised motorists to contest traffic violation citations, particularly when they are issued by traffic policemen already stripped of their deputation by the government.
Fernando has reiterated that traffic policemen from the Traffic Enforcement Group (TEG) have no right to man and direct traffic or apprehend erring motorists in the streets of Metro Manila.
Reports continue to reach the agency that traffic policemen who used to be deputized by the agency are still performing their traffic duties and apprehending violators.
These traffic policemen are still using the traffic violation receipts or Metropolitan Traffic tickets when citing erring drivers, reports said.
Fernando also advised motorists not to surrender their licenses when they are being cited for minor traffic offenses, especially to traffic policemen.
Fernando informed the drivers that traffic policemen previously assigned to the TEG were stripped off deputation when the memorandum of agreement (MoA) between the agency and the Philippine National Police was suspended three years ago.
"Motorists should refuse if traffic policemen ask for their driverís licenses," Fernando said.
He explained only the driverís licenses of those with grave traffic infractions and repeat offenders could be confiscated by an MMDA traffic enforcer but not by a traffic policeman.
As a result of the revocation of the deputation order, traffic policemen lost their authority to enforce traffic management duties. Any confiscation of driverís license arising from this scenario may likely be contested before the MMDA Traffic Adjudication Board.