Cameras coming to catch work zone speeders

April 21, 10:20 AM · Add a Comment

(AP Photo/Mark Duncan, File)

Even with high work-zone speeding fines, ample warning signs and the pull of common decency to get people to slow down around road workers, people still die.
In the last two years, four contractors lost their lives working on Washington Department of Transportation projects.
Nationwide, more than 10,500 work zone collisions happened between 2000 and 2008. They led to more than 6,000 injuries and 59 deaths.
Even more surprising, the majority of deaths and injuries happened to vehicle drivers and passengers.
Until we all realize just how dangerous roadwork zones are, the state DOT is adding a new twist this spring – automatic cameras to catch violators.
If a driver speeds in an active work zone, a camera mounted in an SUV or van will snap a shot of the license plate and send the offender a ticket in the mail. The state’s pilot project in Chehalis last September resulted in more than 1,400 citations at $137 a pop.
So slow down and protect someone’s family member working to improve our roads. For details, check out the WSDOT sites on automatic cameras and the annual Work Zone Memorial ceremony coming up Thursday.