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    Default MA - DDoSer and Swatter jailed

    Teenage hacking menace jailed for 11 months ? The Register

    Teenage hacking menace jailed for 11 months

    Fraudster spoofed calls to set SWAT teams on adversaries
    By John Leyden Get more from this author
    Posted in Crime, 21st April 2009 13:54 GMT
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    A teenage hacker who ran a botnet of compromised machines and made fake 911 emergency calls has been jailed for 11 months, The Boston Herald reports.
    The 17 year-old, from Worcester, Massachusetts, referred to in court papers only by his initials DH or online nickname DShocker, confessed to using a botnet to run denial of service attacks against adversaries from the online gaming and IRC scenes. He also admitted using stolen credit card details to make fraudulent purchases as well as making spoof phone calls to the emergency services during a three year reign of malicious mischief.
    DShocker made spoof phone calls to police and reported non-existent emergencies, such as hostage situations or bomb threats, in order to prompt the dispatch of police SWAT teams to the homes of rivals, a practice known as "swatting". He obtained his victims' phone numbers and addresses after breaking into the systems of their ISP and looking up subscriber records. ISPs targeted by these attacks included Charter Communications, Road Runner, and Comcast, among others.

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    Default Re: MA - DDoSer and Swatter jailed

    Good that he is behind bars.

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    Default Re: MA - DDoSer and Swatter jailed

    I hope another inmate asks him to pass the soap.

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    Default Re: MA - DDoSer and Swatter jailed

    Man, 17!

    Kid, at least be able to have a beer before you throw yourself in the hammer!

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    Default Re: MA - DDoSer and Swatter jailed

    Personally, I think that the kid should have been tried as an adult. He knew quite well what he was doing, was well aware that his activities were illegal, and he was well aware of the likely consequences if he got caught. He assumed that he was too smart to ever get caught. And the word "ass" is the mother of all false assumptions.



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