Mobile cameras to go up at accident hot spots

24 April 2009
NEW mobile camera sites have been announced in order to reduce collisions at 16 accident hot spots across the borough.
The sites will go live from Monday, April 27, and include Silver Lonnen, Jubilee Road, A193 Shields Road and Benwell Lane in Newcastle; A6085 High Street, Newburn; Benton Lane North Tyneside, Jarrow Road South Tyneside and Emsworth Road, Sunderland.

Recent independent research shows that 83 per cent of people in the region support the use of cameras as means to reduce casualties and 61 per cent think dangerous drivers are more likely to get caught on roads where there are cameras.

Figures also show that 38 per cent of people favour more cameras on the roads, while only 13 per cent want less.

Ray King, project manager for the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative said: "This announcement is to
make motorists aware of the new sites and to ensure they are simply obeying the traffic laws at all times on all roads.

"At these particular sites I hope motorists recognise that tragedy has occurred and respect those who have suffered by driving safely and legally.

"It's part of our drive to bring down needless deaths on our roads."

The new approved sites were initially taken from a list in excess of 100 potential sites where people have been killed or seriously injured.

In addition to speed enforcement, the mobile camera vans can detect other offences that put other road users at risk, such as using a mobile phone while driving, not in proper control and not wearing a seatbelt.

Last year the camera detected over 5,000 other offences including over 500 mobile phone offences.

Ray added: "These sites were chosen in order to make an impact on driver behaviour and speeds.

"Cameras are successful and the majority of public support them as one of many road safety measures working in tandem to make the roads safer.

"They are one tool in the toolbox to drive down the needless loss of life and limb on our roads. We want to reduce speeds, but also impact many of the other dangerous behaviours that many motorists still engage in far too regularly."

Once active, the location of the site list will be available through