This comes from the AAA may/june issue p.19.(magazine- Highroads)

Recently, the auto club formally designated the state of Arizona as a strict enforcement area. Under this designation, all AAA members will be cautioned on Aizona's use of photo emforcemen on state freeways and highways. This designation has been added to all electronic TripTik maps requested by AAA members who travel in and through the state, alerting them of the state's deployment of fixed and mobile photo enforcement cameras. This is the first time an entire state has been named a strict enforcement area.

AAA believes thie will increase awareness of Arizona's speed enforcement program, thereby serving as an additional tool to encourage safe driving habits. As an orginization of nearly 52 million members nationwide and in Canada, AAA believes that we have an obligation to inform members who travel thoughout our state that this technique is in place.

There are currently 9 Strict enforcement area locations in the United States and with the most recent prior designation occurring in 2005 for Washington, D.C.