Libertarian leader takes on Calgary’s traffic law enforcement cameras Libertarian Party leader Dennis Young has been doing yeoman’s work for liberty in Calgary. In his day job, Young is the president of and has been challenging the city’s new “speed on green” camera-monitoring program that he says violates the principles of natural justice. The cameras that ominously cover the city were intended for “red light” violators, but have been extended to catch speeders as well. The hefty fines for red light and speeding violations come in the mail to the registered driver of the car, but no effort is made to prove that the registered driver actually committed the violation. This has Young crying foul: Dennis Young, president of said he too hasn't yet seen a ticket come in, likely because it costs more to fight them than it does to pay the fines. He also noted that the tickets don't add de-merit points to a speeding driver's record. But he disagrees philosophically with the concept behind photo radar--that the owner of a vehicle gets fined without proof the one being punished is the same motorist who was behind the wheel at the time of the infraction. He's frustrated the concept behind photo radar has expanded to red-light cameras and, now, the speed-on-green tickets. "It's the expansion of this principle that, 'We don't have to prove your guilt,'" said Young. Posted by Matthew Johnston Posted by Western Standard on May 1, 2009 | Permalink