Grant aims to control area’s weekend traffic Story Tools Email to a friend Print version No comments posted. Share Subscribe RSS Feeds Friday, May 1, 2009 10:01 PM EDT By LISA BACKUS Staff writer NEWINGTON — The Berlin Turnpike won’t be the only place extra officers will be stationed in the coming months to help stem traffic violations. For the past few weeks a federal grant administered by the state Department of Transportation has put more officers on Main Street and Cedar Street on weekends in hopes of taming traffic concerns, police said. “We get a lot of complaints on traffic violations including speeding and red-light violations on some of our most heavily traveled roads,” Lt. William Darby said. “The grant will put at least two extra officers on the streets Friday and Saturday nights devoted just to traffic enforcement.” Traditionally the town has sought federal traffic funds from the state DOT to put extra officers on the Berlin Turnpike to help deal with racing and other traffic hazards caused by kids cruising on warm summer weekend nights. This summer however Newington decided to also focus on other busy streets to address the complaints by citizens. The town kicked in 25 percent of the $50,600 Traffic Calming and Accident Reduction grant in order to get the other 75 percent from the federal government through the state DOT. The extra enforcement will also take place on holidays and runs through September. At the same time the police department is also working with a $79,100 DUI enforcement grant that started in the last quarter of 2008 to provide monthly DUI checkpoints and roving DUI enforcement, Darby said. That grant program will also run until September.