More cameras busting speeders on I-5[replacer_img]

07:42 PM PDT on Monday, May 4, 2009

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Video: State deploys speed cameras in I-5 work zone Larger screen

GRAND MOUND, Wash. - Speeders driving south of Olympia better smile, because the state is going to take your picture. You just might not be smiling when you receive the $137 speeding ticket in the mail.
Last fall under a pilot program, the state started using a radar camera to snap pictures of speeding cars in Lewis County. Monday the State Department of Transportation placed the camera in a work zone in Thurston County.
In the first 3 hours, 20 cars were photographed speeding past the camera.
If the Governor signs the transportation budget recently passed by legislators, cameras could be placed in work zones statewide. The cameras are supposed to make construction zones safer for workers.
The Field Engineer for the monitored work zone in Thurston County said he noticed a difference Friday when signs went up warning drivers they were entering a photo enforcement zone.
At least from what Im seeing today, theyre calming down, said Dave Philpott.
The cameras have their critics.
Its all revenue enhancement, said one driver. It has nothing to do with traffic control.
A DOT spokesperson said the tickets do not generate a profit. According to the state, all of the proceeds support enforcement.