Grant to bolster enforcement of traffic code

By Katie Nichols (Contact) | Selma Times-Journal
Published Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Selma drivers might want to mind their speed, seat belts and blinkers during the last half of May.
The Selma Police Department received a grant from Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs through the Alabama-Tombigbee Regional Commission for traffic safety.
“Officers will be out in force May 19 through May 30,” Sgt. Doug Stewart said. “They will be enforcing speed limits, child restraints, seatbelts, driving under the influences and all other traffic violations.”
The grant money will enable Selma police to add extra officers to each patrol shift in the 11-day period. The funds will go to the additional money it would cost to have those extra patrol officers.
“There will be a number of extra officers out per detail watching specifically for traffic violations,” Stewart said. “In fact, there could be as many as five extra patrols out at a time.”
The extra patrol will not just help crack down on traffic violators. The grant, while intended for traffic, will also allow those extra officers respond to emergency situations that may arise in that time frame.
“Of course we hope nothing like that happens,” Lt. David Evans said. “However, if there is an emergency, then there will be extra officers on hand.”
If you are pulled over, officers ask for you to have your license, insurance and registration ready. The traffic stops are also designed to make sure that every driver on the road has current information.
“If someone is pulled over, then they can pay the fine or go to court and argue their case,” Evans said.
So make a reminder for Tuesday that the police are going to be looking for expired tags, broken headlights and many other traffic infractions.