Knox County deputies to step up motor vehicle law enforcement
By Staff
(May 17): The Knox County Sheriff's Office will begin several traffic safety campaigns on Monday, May 18.

The “Click It or Ticket” safety belt campaign will focus on educating people about and enforcing Maine's seat-belt laws. The sheriff's office will also work on its Speed Enforcement and Impaired Driving Enforcement campaigns.
Editor's note: The Web address on the poster above is incorrect and should read (Image courtesy of Knox County Sheriff's Office)

The sheriff's office hopes to decrease the number of traffic violations, motor vehicle crashes and related injuries to motorists by conducting these details, according to a press release.
Deputies will enforce Maine's motor vehicle laws throughout Knox County, day and night. The Knox County Sheriff's Office also plans to conduct one or more random operating under the influence and safety check points throughout the county as part of an effort to enforce laws and reduce impaired driving.
The sheriff's office and its employees care about the safety of the citizens of Knox County and of the motorists traveling on the public ways, the press release said. The sheriff's office would like to remind motorists and their passengers to ensure that all occupants of motor vehicles are properly secured with safety belts and to obey the traffic laws.