Which States are the Least Driver-Friendly?

Have you ever debated the best and worst places to drive? The National Motorists Association wanted to rank the states least friendly to drivers, so they devised a list of criteria that helped them gauge states' driver friendly policies.
The criteria includes speed traps per capita, the presence of red-light cameras, speed cameras, tolls, mayorís courts and more. While the science of the study sounds a bit questionable, the results are interesting.
For instance, Iíve spent time in Ohio (the second least driver-friendly) and Wyoming (apparently the most driver-friendly) with tickets to show for my time driving in both states. If you were wondering, New Jersey comes in first, which is hardly fair since New Jersey jokes are already so bankable.
Find out where your state ranks after the jump as well as the criteria used to make these judgments. Then let us know if you agree with the findings.
National Motorists Association Ranks States Most Hostile to Drivers (Autoblog)

State Rankings From Worst To Best
1) New Jersey
2) Ohio
3) Maryland
4) Louisiana
5) New York
6) Illinois
7) Delaware
8) Virginia
9) Washington
10) Massachusetts
11) Colorado
12) Oregon
13) Tennessee
14) California
15) Michigan
16) Vermont
17) Maine
18) Florida
19) Pennsylvania
20) North Carolina
21) Alabama
22) Rhode Island
23) West Virginia
24) New Hampshire
25) Arizona
26) New Mexico
27) Missouri
28) Texas
29) Oklahoma
30) Nevada
31) Georgia
32) Connecticut
33) South Carolina
34) Iowa
35) Hawaii
36) Arkansas
37) Alaska
38) Kansas
39) Mississippi
40) Wisconsin
41) Utah
42) South Dakota
43) Indiana
44) Minnesota
45) North Dakota
46) Kentucky
47) Nebraska
48) Montana
49) Idaho
50) Wyoming
List of Criteria Used To Generate Rankings
1) Speed Traps Per Capita (number of speed traps listed on www.speedtrap.org, indexed to population)
2) Does the state have "driver responsibility" fees?
3) Does the state have mayor's courts?
4) Does the state authorize the use of roadblocks?
5) What are the freeway speed limits?
6) Does the state have red-light cameras?
7) Does the state have speed cameras?
8) Are there toll roads in the state?
9) Is a jury trial available for traffic violations?
10) Is trial by declaration (asserting a defense in writing without appearing in court) available?
11) Is the state a member of the Non-Resident Violator Compact?
12) Is the state a member of the Driver's License Compact?
13) Are radar detectors banned in the state?
14) Does the state have a primary seat belt law?
15) Are there adult helmet laws in the state?
16) Are there move-over laws in the state?
17) Is cell phone use banned?