<div id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_pMainContent"> Calmar to crack down on speeders

Posted By Carole Morris-Underhill

Posted 11 hours ago

Speeders will be on the hook sooner rather than later in Calmar now that the town doesn’t have to update their traffic control bylaw.
In May, Calmar town council proposed changing the speed limit on all town
streets to 30 km/hour in an effort to curb speeding.
But after researching the issue, Chief Administrative Officer Jeanette Donovan said they don’t need to go through the formal — and costly — process. She has the power to target streets with specific speeding problems.
Donovan cited the traffic control bylaw (#2006-10), under section 3.3, that gives her the authority.
The bylaw states: “The power to
decide the necessity and location of
Traffic Control Devices within the Town is hereby delegated to the Chief Administrative Officer or his or her designate.”
To determine which streets had speeding issues, Donovan took a drive through
the community prior to the June 1
council meeting to see where signage was needed.
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