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    Exclamation IL - Police Program Cracks Down On Speeding

    Police Program Cracks Down On Speeding The Mt. Prospect Police Dept. began this past Monday (June 1) the first of a three-week aggressive speed enforcement campaign. Officers are assigned to major roadways across the village with the sole focus aimed at enforcing posted speed limits. The campaign is in response to citizen complaints received by the department for speeding on major thoroughfares and an increase in pedestrian traffic associated with the onset of warmer weather. The department will be using non-traditional enforcement strategies during this year's speed weeks. Officers will pose as construction workers, survey crews or as citizens in lawn chairs as they monitor vehicle speeds using radar and laser speed measuring devices. Last year, over 230 speeding citations were written over a six-day period. "The number of tickets issued is a good indication that citizen's concerns regarding speeding vehicles are valid and requires our attention," said Sgt. Michael Eterno, the department's Traffic Unit Supervisor. "The enforcement of posted speed limits creates a safer environment for both motorist and pedestrians. Statistically speaking, we see a decrease in accidents following speed enforcement campaigns. Saving lives and reducing accidents is the ultimate goal of all our traffic enforcement programs." Additional "Speed Weeks" are scheduled for August and September.
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    Default Re: IL - Police Program Cracks Down On Speeding

    This was one of the very first dept. in the area to get laser guns out side of the state police.

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    Default Re: IL - Police Program Cracks Down On Speeding

    Officers sitting in (presumably) regular clothes in lawn chairs aiming gun-type devices at unsuspecting motorists? Mmkay...

    If it's really about pedestrian safety, nobody had the idea to have officers putting a foot in a crosswalk at the last second and chase cars to pull over the reckless motorists who don't stop? They're not as creative as they think they are.



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