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Call for mobile speed camera ban

2009-06-08 15:25

Johannesburg - Mobile speed cameras should be banned as they give room for human error, Justice Project South Africa said on Monday.

"Mobile speed cameras leave room for human error, instead we want the number of stationary cameras to be increased," JPSA chairperson Howard Dembovsky told a press conference.

Most of the people who operate mobile cameras were not adequately trained to operate them and motorists were forced to pay "fraudulent fines" to avoid being prosecuted, he said.

He argued that more visible policing was needed to deter road offenders.

Dembovsky said that the country should move towards introducing more visible speed cameras to reduce reckless driving on the roads.

‘Not stopping unroadworthy vehicles’

"These things [mobile speed cameras] are just weapons of mass prosecution. We are not saying speed does not kill, but Johannesburg metro police department is not stopping unroadworthy vehicles on our roads.

"All they do is hide behind the bushes hoping to find a speedster."

Dembovsky highlighted the need to move towards a system where road offenders were stopped and fined at the scene where they committed the offence.

The trapping business was becoming a money-making industry and was not helping in making the roads safer.

JPSA is an organisation that advises motorists about unfair traffic fines.