DPD ramps up traffic enforcement Written by News Release Wednesday, 10 June 2009 00:00 According to Chief Robert Thomas, writing citations is not the objective, but will be used as a means to increase public awareness. Thomas said the probability of this program achieving measurable success is increased when police efforts are focused on specific traffic safety issues, such as speed, red light/stop signs, driving under the influence, etc. The police department will purchase speed enforcement tools (i.e. Ultra Lyte & Tru-Speed lidar units) that will calculate time and distance between two vehicles and can pinpoint speeds of individual vehicles. These speed enforcement tools will calculate a maximum speed range of 2,000 feet. Until June 19, officers will contact drivers driving well over posted speed limits and give them a warning citation. After June 19, Chief Thomas said officers will take a no tolerance approach to drivers speeding well over posted speed limits. Here is how the program works. The Delta Police Department will:
Select four enforcement zones within the community by examining crash records to identify road segments and intersections that have been the sites of speed-related crashes, or where speeding is a persistent problem for motorists, bicyclists, and/or pedestrians.
Select two zones within the community that have been the sites of chronic citizen complaints about speeding. Selecting areas within a community for special enforcement based on crash statistics and citizen complaints will contribute to the credibility of the program.
Generate public interest and awareness regarding the traffic safety program. The Delta Police will publicize enforcement efforts to maximize its efforts. The Delta Police Department will announce where enforcement will be during the day and/or night.
Use decoy vehicles at special enforcement sites and elsewhere in the community to contribute to motorist uncertainty and public awareness. Parked patrol vehicles will imply a police presence.
Place emphasis on speed enforcement in all routine patrols throughout the community, in addition to increased enforcement in specific locations.
For questions related to this program contact public information officer Jamie Head at 874-7676.