Cobra Debuts Speed-Camera Locator

By Amy Gilroy

New York — Cobra Electronics has introduced its first stand-alone “GPS traffic camera locator” that alert users of nearby speed and red-light camera locations and other speed traps.
The SL3 includes a database of speed and red-light cameras in the U.S. and uses GPS technology to warn
users as they approach a camera. The unit also gives warnings of known speed-trap locations and hazardous intersections and issues the warnings via a series of LED lights. While Cobra has offered radar detectors and portable GPS devices in the past that included the feature, this is the first time it has offered a stand-alone device.
The SL3 is now available online at Cobra at $99.95 and includes a free year of updates to the database via a USB link to a PC. Cobra updates the data base every 12 hours, said a spokesman.

Cobra claimed its traffic camera database, called AURA, is the only one of its kind that is 100 percent vetted.

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