Under a new summer road safety program, Seguin pedestrians should be safer and fewer traffic wrecks should occur, the Seguin Police Department and the city of Seguin announced. The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program, to begin Monday, will target areas with the highest accident rates within Seguin city limits. Traffic officers in squad cars and on motorcycles will patrol the streets during peak hour and will primarily enforce traffic laws, said Capt. Maureen Watson, head of operations with the SPD. On weekends, two-man teams will patrol neighborhoods identified with high crime rates between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. The officers will also be enforcing traffic violations, Watson said. Watson said studies show that selective enforcement not only decreases the number of traffic accidents but also takes a “bite out of crime,” and is a side effect of enforcing the Texas traffic code. Seguin gears for summer road safety program “It does have a dual effect and we’re hoping it’ll promote safety,” said Watson, adding that 785 traffic accidents took place within the city limits last year. Available money from unfilled police positions would pay the salaries of the officers without impacting taxpayers, she said. Watson said Police Chief Kevin Kelso and City Manager Doug Faseler created the plan for two reasons: the number of children who are out of school for the summer and the increased number of vacationers on local roads during the summer months. During a phone conversation, Kelso said officers would evaluate problem areas through the summer and adjust coverage as needed. “They wanted to make sure their safety was paramount,” Watson said, “and that we were doing everything that we possibly could to make sure everyone got to their destination safely and that crime interfered as little as possible.”