Aggressive drivers beware! Aggressive drivers beware! Tools * 0 Comments * Email this article * Print this article * YouNews™ * Digg this! * Save to Delicious * Post to Facebook Close Story Published: Jun 12, 2009 at 5:56 PM MDT Story Updated: Jun 12, 2009 at 6:12 PM MDT By Steven Pope Video FREMONT COUNTY - Before you get in your car this weekend, make sure you've decided to drive safely. Because the Fremont County Sheriff's Office is cracking down on Aggressive Driving. "(We're trying to) help people slow down, be seen out there, this time of year with all the tourists people tend to drive faster and tail gate more," said Ellen Holjeson with the Fremont County Sheriff's Office. Like this vehicle, which was pulled over for speeding after passing our "nearly" under cover vehicle. "I couldn't tell that was you!" exclaimed the truck driver! "I can tell by the look on your face haha," laughed Holjeson. Which means, even if you can't see an officer, you can still be caught for aggressive driving. And the extra effort by the Sheriff's department is being paid for by a grant from ITD. "So far we've got cameras for our department this year, and we're hoping to rear end antennas," said Holjeson. In the state of Idaho 78 percent of fatal crashes occur in rural areas like highway 20 that runs through Fremont County. Besides speeding, aggressive driving is also considered to be changing lanes without signalling, tailgating, crossing double yellow lines to pass another vehicle, and anything else that puts you or someone else at risk.