Say cheese, speeders

Posted at 12:01 am by By Jon Bauer, Herald staff

And check your mail: Lynnwood has approved the installation of speed zone cameras that will take a photo of drivers who exceed the speed limit in school zones. The photo will then be used to ticket drivers up to $250.

If that sounds harsh, those who are caught can get a copy of the photo that they can frame for their rec room.


Lots of air, little to show: Neither Boeing nor Airbus have racked up impressive sales of their airliners so far at the Paris Air Show. A continued downturn in aviation brought just one sale of 24 A320s for Airbus and zilch for Boeing.

The one bright spot in Paris? Record sales at the ShamWow demonstration booth.


Under where? Childhood experts say parents ought not to forcefully discourage the style of humor that relies on bodily functions and knock-knock jokes, as it can be a sign of intelligence. "Armpit farts and booger jokes show an ability to take incongruent devices and bring them together," advised an executive with American Greetings.

We're not sure what that means, but we're giggling because he said "fart" and "booger."