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    Default Speedy Drivers Find Tools To Fight Back- Radar Roy interview

    By CRIS BARRISH and MIKE CHALMERS / The News Journal

    An expensive game of spy vs. spy reigns on Delaware roads.

    To catch speeders, police spend $1,600 to equip a patrol car with radar or $4,000 for a more sophisticated laser.

    Some drivers retaliate by mounting $25 to $1,500 radar detectors on their dashboards or installing gadgets that confuse a police laser.

    Police say they're trying to slow people down, especially through small towns and accident-prone stretches of highway. Drivers contend they need to arm themselves against speed traps designed to fleece unsuspecting drivers. Radar detectors are legal in Delaware and all other states, except Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

    A radar detector "makes it more of a fair game, levels the playing field," said Roy Reyer, a former Arizona police officer who sells radar detectors on the Internet and teaches police how to operate radar. "The radar companies try to stay one step ahead of the radar-detector people."

    Becoming more alert is the main reason radar detectors make people safer drivers, said Reyer, who goes by "Radar Roy" on his Web site,
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