Traffic Problems in the Magic City

Jun 18 2009 7:23PM
Many motorists in the Magic City are having a tough time following traffic laws and the Minot Police are taking notice.

On Tuesday officers targeted the construction zone at 16th street southwest and Burdick and in that time made over 30 traffic stops for various violations.

Captain Al Hanson says this morning they focused their attention on the Burdick and Broadway intersection and in an hour and a half wrote nine citations.

Hanson says people should follow the traffic laws not because an office might be watching but rather to keep yourself and everyone else on the road safe.

(Captain Al Hanson, Minot Police Department) Especially as the particular construction zone is there a little longer, even like the one in Burdick here in town it's been there for a few days already we're starting to see people ignore the flaggers, ignore the construction workers and ignore the signage that is there. And we don't want that to happen we don't want to see anybody get hurt. That's the real reason we're out there to try and reinforce the idea that the signs are there, the regulations are there for everybody."

Hanson says Minot Police officers will continue to target problem areas along with their regular patrols in Minot throughout the summer. watch the video | save this article / add to your favorites list