1.5m in speeding fines from Dorset GATSO could be refunded pocketgpsworld.comThe Traffic Order for a GATSO speed camera on the A35 in Chideock, Dorset was found to be invalid following a test case and as a result, more than 24,000 drivers may have to be refunded. The Traffic Order referred to a road that did not exist and now authorities are left facing a 1.5 million bill to repay the fines collected from motorists convicted by the camera. But rather than take immediate action to cancel the convictions and issue refunds, Dorset Safety Camera Partnership are to review individual cases claiming that as some drivers had admitted speeding they would not wish to seek a refund! Given that it is near impossible to defend speeding charges unless you can afford risking a large amount of money of legal advisers, the vast majority of motorists would of course admit to the charge rather than choosing to fight it in court. A similar case in Cheshire last year saw the partnership there contact every motorist and issue immediate refunds and revocation of fines. Why Dorset are not acting in the same manner is inexcusable.