Speeders beware -- police radar is ready Email To A Friend Printer Friendly Comments Add to Reddit Add to Digg Add to del.icio.us about 15 hours ago by Mike Lesko Associate Editor Stow -- Council President Ron Alexander said he looked like he was driving "at a snail's pace" recently on a Stow freeway. Alexander said he was traveling through Cuyahoga Falls and the traffic speed was "pretty reasonable." But by the time he got to Seasons Road in Stow, he was driving the 65 mph speed limit and other cars were passing him. "Traffic on Route 8 is just horrendous in terms of speeding," said Alexander, who asked Stow Police Chief Louis Dirker at the May 28 Council meeting if the responsibility for speed control belonged to the Ohio Highway Patrol. Dirker said the responsibility belonged to Stow Police. He said he issued directives to the officers. "We talked about this extensively," Dirker said. "Every one of their cars is equipped with a radar unit. They were given directives to go out there and monitor the radar, especially on the freeway and some of the main thoroughfares." Dirker said police officers did that when they could, but sometimes they got busy. "By the time they would go to the freeway and get their radar calibrated, they would get a call and they would have to drive away," Dirker said. "It looks like they got so many calls that their free time was all in 20-30 minute blocks," Dirker said. "That did not give them much time to set up. But we are working on that." E-mail: mlesko@recordpub.com Phone: 330-686-3917