Sheriff's Patrols Up Submitted: 06/23/2009
LINCOLN COUNTY - A local Sheriff's Department is stepping up its patrols to make your summer safer.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department in Merrill is offering its officers voluntary overtime hours this summer.

Their goal is to get more officers out there in hopes of making travelers safer on the roads.
The department received two grants totalling about $25,000 from the Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety.

Some of the money will go toward the new "Click It or Ticket" program and the "Zero Traffic Deaths" campaign.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy, Peter Annis says a lot of the grant money will also go toward overtime pay for the increase in patrols in the area.

Peter Annis, Deputy Sheriff, Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, says, "By putting more patrols out on the road, were giving people probably a little more incentive to abide by the traffic laws."

Construction on Highway 51 and the fact that summer is also one of the busiest times of the year for the department-are other reasons why officers say more patrols are necessary.

Peter Annis, Deputy Sheriff, Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, says, "Were not only trying to keep the public safe, the motoring public, but the construction workers that are working out on the highways."

Annis adds during the upcoming holiday weekend, his department will work to make their presence on the roads very visible.

Once the grant money runs out in September, the department says it will be seeking more to try to keep the increased patrols as long as possible.