New Traffic Laws, Speed cameras and Camouflaged Police Cars on the Costas

24 June, 2009 03:54:00 Keith Nicol
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How accurate is your car’s speedometer? Does it measure kilometres per hour?
If not, you may find yourself being fined one-hundred euros for going just one kilometre over the prescribed speed limit, be it 51 in a 50 zone, or 121 on the motorway! And for us living here on the Costa Blanca, four more speed cameras are being installed on the AP7, so if you frequently travel between Benidorm and Alicante airport; watch your speed!

The Government’s new proposals have not been well received by opposition parties or the Spanish press. ‘El Pais’ noted that the proposed changes are designed to make it easier for those accused of speeding or breaking a traffic law to pay a fine but much more difficult for drivers to defend their actions in court! Others see it as nothing more than an easy revenue maker! The opposition PP party abstained from voting against the proposed new reforms to the Traffic Act, to show their disapproval.

You’d also better watch out if you suddenly find yourself being followed by a luxury car! Guardia Civil Traffic Branch have introduced six Mercedes Benz saloons to spot speeders, those using mobile phones or GPS devices or driving without due care and attention, with the intention of adding more ‘Q’ cars to patrol the motorways along the coast. Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!