Speed camera locations in the region

Published Date: 25 June 2009
By Bob Burgess
MOBILE speed cameras are currently in operation at the following locations:
A7 Galashiels; A68 Cranston, Pathhead and Soutra; A72 Cardona; A701 Romanno Bridge; A697 Inkbottle Lodge; A6091 Melrose bypass and the B6374 Langlee, Galashiels.

From Monday mobiles cameras will operate on the A7 Hawick; A68 Jedburgh, Soutra and Cranston; A697 Greenlaw; A698 Crailinghall; A701 Stanhope and Broughton, and the A702 Dolphinton.

During both weeks mobile vans will also be deployed between fixed cameras on the A68, A697 and A1.