Bad drivers set to feel force of new police powers


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Published Date: 30 June 2009
BAD drivers in South Yorkshire are set to feel the force of new police powers.

A range of graduated fixed penalties, some of which will include on-the-spot fines and see vehicles immobilised, is to be introduced across the county from July.

The move is a Department of Transport initiative, which will come into force throughout the UK to bring us in line with the rest of Europe.

Issued by authorised traffic officers, the new penalties will mainly affect commercial vehicle drivers for offences like having an overweight lorry or driving for longer than designated.

And for the first time, officers will be able to charge offenders on-the-spot fines if they can't give a satisfactory UK address where they can be contacted in the future. In certain instances, including non-payment, vehicles can also be immobilised or towed away.

The legislation was brought about through The Road Safety Act of 2006 after lobbying by police and UK haulage firms to bring Britain in line with other European countries.

Explained South Yorkshire Police's head of roads policing, Chief Inspector Andy Male: "Previously foreign drivers could come into this country, commit a motoring offence for which we'd fine them, but then they'd drive back abroad before paying up.

"The ability to issue fixed penalty tickets and immobilise the vehicles of drivers will enable us to properly police foreign motorists using the road network in South Yorkshire.

"With the M1, A1M, M18 and cross-Pennine routes, South Yorkshire is like a giant crossroads. Thousands of foreign drivers use our county's roads and motorways daily.

"Road safety and casualty reduction are among our priorities and these new powers will help us to continue to make South Yorkshire's roads safer.

"The introduction of the graduated fixed penalty notices allows us to enforce the laws as effectively for foreign drivers as we do for UK drivers."

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