Olivette police to set up sobriety checkpoints

1 hr ago

KSDK -- The Olivette Police Department will set up sobriety checkpoints throughout the city during the entire month of July 2009 to reduce and deter drunk drivers.
At the checkpoints, police will briefly stop traffic to examine drivers. Intoxicated motorists will be arrested, and police have assured the public that the stop will not cause a huge delay in their commute.
"While citizens may be delayed for a short period of time, these checkpoints have been proven highly successful in getting intoxicated drivers off the streets. Should you come upon one of these checkpoints, your cooperation and patience will be appreciated," said Chief Knox.
Chief Knox encouraged all area motorists to report drunk drivers across the St. Louis area counties. You may report drunk drivers to the Olivette Police Department by calling (314) 645-3000, or dialing 911.