CHP to step up patrols during 2009 Laguna Seca

June 30, 1:08 PM

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(Photo; BAS CZERWINSKI/Associated Press)

CHP to step up patrols.
With the 5th annual MotoGP World Championship in Laguna Seca to open Thursday and the influx of motorcycles is already very obvious in the Monterey bay area. With so many motorcycles, and the mix of race fans and 4th of July revelers, law enforcement officials urge motorists to be extra cautious throughout this weekend.
During last years event 1033 traffic citations were issued by the CHP alone. 350 of those were to motorcyclists.
"We want everyone to be hyper-vigilant," said Sgt. Ray Faulk of the California Highway Patrol. "We will be out there to take appropriate action", "Enjoy it at the track and enjoy watching it," he said. "Don't be trying that stuff out on the highway."
Sgt. Faulk also said the main targets the CHP will be watching for are speeders, seat belt infractions and drunk drivers along with tailgaters and passing violations.
They will be especially watching motorcycles passing on the right shoulder and lane splitting at higher speeds. He also urges drivers of autos to pay special attention when changing lanes, pulling into traffic and making left turns. Faulk said of motorcyclists, "If they are involved in an accident they are more likely to be injured".
I myself have personal experience in the high traffic influx this event brings and believe me, you do not want to even be anywhere near Laguna Seca unless your going to the race.
The race itself will open officially on Friday but there's a "must see" free event on Thursday. The Yamaha Super Kart Exhibition Race featuring Eddie Lawson, the former four-time 500cc World champion and Monterey's own Wayne Rainey, winner of three consecutive 500 championships, 1990-1992.
The first MotoGP practice will begin at 1:55 P.m. Friday for all three AMA classes.
From 5-7 p.m. In the Turn 4 area, the MotoGP fan party which is presented by Parts Unlimited.
Saturday, all four series qualifications will begin at 1:55 p.m.
The first race of the weekend starts at 5:30.
Free concert featuring the group "Crash" in Yamaha Marketplace from 5:30-7:30.