New traffic laws in effect July 1

Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Use your lights when wipers are on
Turn your lights on when using windshield wipers
We're trying to keep money in your pocket by keeping you up to date on some traffic law changes in Ohio! These new laws go into effect today, so as you head out on the road, keep them in mind.
You now have to turn on your headlights whenever you use windshield wipers in the rain.
There's also a new law establishing transition zones when posted speed limits drop by 20 miles per hour or more. That's to protect you from speed traps.
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Semi trucks will be able to travel faster on the highway. Semis and non-commercial buses may now travel 65 miles per hour on most rural and suburban interstates.
Most of us know to slow down or move over when we see flashing police lights on the side of the road. Now a new law requires drivers to do the same for tow trucks. First-time violators could be fined $300 and have to pay court costs. A second violation within a year means a $500 fine.
All those laws go into effect today and with more traffic and police presence for the upcoming holiday weekend, we might see some of them being enforced quickly.