Nelson seeks to strengthen the photo enforcement system

June 29, 11:52 PM

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The photo enforcement system in Arizona is a contentious issue. Some politicians view it as a method of taxation while others believe it saves lives. Under current law the two views are strategically balanced at the expense of private enterprise.
Because Arizona courts are prohibited from transmitting photo enforcement convictions and judgments to the department of transportation, those who feel the need for speed only face limited monetary punishment if they are a captured on camera. If a frequent flyer has a plethora of violations, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division is prohibited from using them to justify a license suspension or revocation.
Arizona Senator John Nelson [R-12] wants the photo enforcement system to save lives. He wants the Motor Vehicle Division to record photo violations and start using them to suspend and/or revoke licenses.
If you truly want to save lives, you have to report the data.
If SB 1291 amends the current law, insurance companies will benefit from the photo enforcement system. Personal and commercial auto carriers would have an opportunity to hold poor drivers responsible for their driving decisions.
As it stands today, government is filling its coffers with cash at the expense of private insurance carriers. We should either end the practice of photo enforcement as a method of taxation or allow insurance carriers to adequately price their products as well as help business owners exercise risk management.