They're gonna get you, McGillivray speeders

Last Updated: 2nd July 2009, 2:17am

Beware, leadfoot drivers: photo radar and speed traps will likely be in place on McGillivray Boulevard today.
Police issued the warning yesterday that motorists who speed through the construction zone at McGillivray between Waverly Street and Kenaston Boulevard could be ticketed. The speed limit there has been reduced to 60 km/h for both eastbound and westbound traffic while road construction takes place.
The announcement comes a couple weeks after police made similar decrees at two other construction sites -- at the Fort Garry Bridge redevelopment on Bishop Grandin Boulevard and on Dugald Road between Lagimodiere Boulevard and Plessis Road. Just like those two locations, both photo and conventional traffic enforcement my be deployed in these zones at any time of day, any time of week, regardless of whether workers are present.
Police say speed traps and photo radar are being deployed to ensure the safety of construction workers, pedestrians, and other motorists.
Drivers caught speeding by on-site police in the zones might be issued stiffer fines than what they would pay through photo radar, as well as driver licence demerits.
The announcements come after the city, the province, and police were heavily criticized for using speed traps as a cash grab, with the number of tickets issued last year increasing from 3,000 in 2007 to 60,000.