Enhanced Speed Enforcements

According to a press release, over the last three years, 2006-2008, speed was a contributing factor in 20% of fatalities in Wadena County.
So to prevent any deadly situations throughout the month of July motorists will experience enhanced speed enforcement patrols.
According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, speed contributes to about 150 traffic deaths and 7,000 injuries each year.
In Wadena County last year, law enforcement issued over 400 speed situations. According to a press release, in Wadena County, a typical 10 mph over the limit speeding ticket can cost upwards of $130. Speeding fines are doubled if motorists are caught speeding 20 mph or more over the limit here in Minnesota.
Here are a list of local law enforcement agencies also participating in the speed enforcement: Menahga Police Department and Verndale Police Department.