Police pledge Burnley Road speeder crackdown


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Published Date: 02 July 2009
POLICE in Todmorden are cracking down on speeding motorists after local residents identified the issue as a top priority.
At the June PACT (Police and Communities Together) meeting, officers asked people what they wanted from the police and the resounding answer was to see action taken along Burnley Road and the surrounding area against speeding motorists.

Oldham, of the Upper Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "We have asked, and the local community have told us what they want to see from us
"We have listened to what they have to say and, as a result, have been carrying out speed enforcement checks along the road to deter people speeding."
Tomorrow, Friday July 3, officers will be joining forces with the HM Revenues and Customs fuel testing team, the Department of Transport, Trading Standards and court enforcement officers for a concentrated day of action in the area.
Insp Oldham said: "This sends out the message that we mean business - we have asked what people see as a priority in their local area and we have taken action.
"As well as taking action this week, we will also be keeping regular checks on Burnley Road and the surrounding area to send out a strong warning message to speeding motorists."
Jen and Geoff Town, of Pine Road, Todmorden, wrote to the Todmorden News last week asking for speed cameras to be installed on Burnley Road between the bottom park gates and Cross Lee Road.
Their letter said: "The speed of traffic on this road is frightening, particularly in the evening, and traffic often goes up the wrong side of the road near the bollards at the end of Cross Lee Road.
"Must we wait for someone to be killed before something is done? Surely the expense of installing speed cameras is worth it if it saves lives."
Tina Jones, of Robinwood Terrace, Lydgate, wote to the newspaper saying: "I, and many other drivers travelling up and down Burnley Road through Lydgate, have suffered many near misses due to the few lunatic drivers who have been using this stretch of road as a racetrack over the past few months.
"These idiots spend their evenings tearing through the 40 mile an hour stretch at tremendous speeds, either just for the hell of it or sometimes racing other like-minded lunatics and dangerously overtaking any innocent driver who happens to be in their way.
"In addition, we can hear the roaring of engines far into the early hours as the same drivers test their skills round the two sharp bends at Knotts."
The issue of speeding traffic on Burnley Road was discussed at a recent meeting of Todmorden Accident Prevention Council.
Members felt that speed cameras were not the solution to the problem as they only deal with excessive speed and the problems caused are more deep-rooted.
Instead, members would like to see random speed checks and proactive policing to identify and deal with those travelling inconsiderately, recklessly or dangerously.

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